Sheila Ellis

Sheila Ellis is a senior associate of Corporate Scenes, Inc. She is a highly trained and experienced leadership development facilitator and executive coach, drawing not only on the Active Communication methodology but also from more than 200 hours of training in cross-cultural communication and diversity awareness at the Center for Dispute Resolution, the Anti-Defamation League's A World of Difference Program, The Community Board Program and Pacific Oaks College. She has coached corporate managers, directors and vice presidents in leadership development and personal growth and facilitated targeted teambuilding workshops for Fortune 500 companies.

While in Los Angeles, she was CEO of Redwood House Productions for seven years and also served as executive producer for the corporate communications division of Osmond Entertainment. Sheila is an accomplished stage actress and has also been featured in television and film productions. She is also lead singer in her band, The New Electrix. Sheila holds a B.A. from Northwestern University.