Ivan Midderigh

Ivan Midderigh is a senior associate of Corporate Scenes, Inc. Since 1990, Ivan has led Active Communicating programs for major corporations and organizations in the United States and Europe.

Born and educated in England., Ivan worked for many years as professional photographer in London prior to joining the Roy Hart Theater, which has drawn worldwide attention for its pioneering research work on the human voice. In 1974, Ivan moved with the company to the Chateau de Malérargues in the south of France, where he helped create the Centre Artistique Internationale Roy Hart. As a Roy Hart Theater actor and teacher Ivan led voice workshops across Europe and America and performed in many of the theater's major productions.

In 1986, Ivan moved to the United States and trained intensively with Mark Rittenberg and Penelope Kreitzer, contributing to the formulation of the Active Communicating "Train the Trainers" program.

In 1997, Ivan returned to live in Europe and continues to work with major corporations both in Europe and in the United States.