Charlyn Belluzzo, MBA, PhD

Charlyn Belluzzo

Over the last decade, Dr. Belluzzo has made significant contributions in global health, research, and adult education.

As a scientist, her approach to research and education is grounded in the belief that adult learning is deeply influenced by an individual's personal history, value system, and psychological stage of development. Using real-life situations and critical reflection as key components of adult learning, Belluzzo facilitates powerful learning experiences, changing the individual in fundamental ways. Belluzzo has trained and received certification in conflict resolution mediation and executive conflict coaching. Her expertise in this area includes culturally appropriate decision making, negotiation, mediation and other conflict management procedures and skills; as well as capacity building and dialogue processes that promote improved communications and cooperation between groups in conflict. Most recently, Belluzzo is applying these research, evaluation and education theories in international settings. She is an approved facilitator at the United Nations for conflict resolution training courses.

As a director of FilmAid International, a refugee project based at Columbia University's Center for Global Health and Economic Development, Belluzzo and her team deliver programs in African refugee camps, aiming to educate and inform refugees, displaced persons and their host communities about critical social issues such as the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, domestic violence, reproductive health, gender equity, human rights and conflict resolution.

Belluzzo has had frequent opportunities to prepare and deliver numerous seminars, lectures and continuing education programs on a broad variety of socio-economic and health-related topics.

Belluzzo earned graduate degrees and post-graduate training from LaSalle University, the University of Colorado School of Business, Georgetown University School of Medicine, and Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

She is a member of the United Nations Association, the United Nations Business Association, the Church World Service Program Committee, the American College of Nutrition, the American College of Healthcare Executives, the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, and an attendee of the World Economic Forum.