Reba Rose

Reba Rose is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of consulting and management experience in leadership development, organizational change, and professional development. She specializes in building trusted advisor skills, communication skills, team building and leadership presence for mid- to senior-level professionals in Fortune 100 companies, top-flight business schools (Haas, Olin and Kellogg), non-profits (Community Network for Youth Development) and consulting firms (Corporate Scenes, EMT). She has also traveled internationally to work with corporations such as Hearst Communications, Capital One, Societe Generale, Boston Consulting Group and Merrill Lynch.

Reba is known for her intuitive, dynamic "hands-on" style coupled with seasoned project management expertise. She has trained and performed for more than 10 years as an actress and a performance artist focusing on regional theater, storytelling, and community ceremonies. Reba utilizes inclusive processes and experiential exercises to create learning experiences that are powerful and transformative. She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, a Teaching Certificate in Theater, a third-degree black belt in Kajukenbo, and a black belt in Chi Gung. She is proudest, however, of being the mother of two children.