Culture Change Programs
The Corporate Scenes Culture Change Programs are designed for corporations, or divisions thereof, which have made the commitment to improve their workplace culture.

Brand Ambassador Program

Program description: The Brand Ambassador Program builds a community of excellence between a company's workforce, resulting in exceptional acts of customer service and improvement in productivity. This program focuses on the development of interpersonal communication and relationship–building skills for employees – regardless of their level. Through the use of the Active Communicating® methodology, employees learn to create positive environments where customer expectations are exceeded at every interface.

The Brand Ambassador Series is co-developed and co-delivered by Corporate Scenes master trainers and the client.

The Brand Ambassador Program is a series of three intensive workshops that build a community of excellence between all employees. It results in exceptional acts of customer service and significant improvement in productivity that can be sustained throughout an organization. The foundation workshop is augmented by the Sustainability Programs that include The Leader as Champion and The Leader as Coach. These are leadership development programs for managers and leaders who will become stewards and guardians of the new culture.

Technique: Some of the techniques include:
  • Large groups of up to 100 employees of all levels meet at an offsite location for several days
  • Led by master Corporate Scenes facilitators and the CEO of the organization
  • Clarification of the brand values of the company
  • Small-group breakout sessions where communication skills, company values and teambuilding issues are addressed
  • Implementation of sustainability programs
  • The needs and challenges as well as the success of the program are measured on a regular basis

Benefits: Some of the benefits include:
  • Brand Ambassadors are created throughout the organization
  • Culture change is implemented and sustained
  • Company gains a cutting edge in a competitive market

Who should attend: Organizations that want to transform their culture in order to gain a cutting edge in a competitive market.

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