Core Programs
Corporate Scenes has the following core product offering:

Professional Presence and Creativity (the foundation course)

Program description: Professional Presence and Creativity enables participants to unlock the powerful communicators inside themselves. Participants learn specific skills and behaviors that help them connect with others and communicate their thoughts to an audience in an effective and compelling manner.

Participants learn powerful language, active listening, how to give and receive feedback, empathy towards others and presentation skills. This program allows participants to make effective communication and compelling dialogue a lifestyle, improving their leadership potential.

The Art and Science of Building Client Relationships

Program description: The Art and Science of Building Client Relationships develops the skills that establish trust and enhance relationships with clients. The program addresses the key components of relationship building, including listening skills, voice and body language, and personal presence and authenticity.

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Creating a Community of Excellence: The Active Communicating Team Building Workshop

Program description: Creating a Community of Excellence is a workshop that is designed to meet the unique needs and dynamics of the target workgroup.

Technique: This program focuses on (1) Pre-workshop interviews to understand the issues and needs of the team, (2) the development of interpersonal communication skills using the theater-based Active Communicating methodology, (3) exercises that foster positive relationship building between team members, and (4) commitment and action plans.

Benefits: Some of the benefits include:
  • The direct application of communication and relationship building
  • Skills to develop and foster collaboration and lasting relationships

Who should attend: Intact work groups and newly integrated teams.

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Telling the Compelling Story: The Art of Presentation through Storytelling

Program description: Telling the Compelling Story teaches the art of inspirational presentation through storytelling. Effective leaders need to be able to inspire and motivate. There are times when storytelling is the most effective and efficient way of making a point or confronting a difficult situation. Participants learn how to construct a succinct and powerful story and master the skills necessary for delivering appropriate and compelling messages.

Technique: This program focuses on (1) Small group work with 1-on-1 coaching and feedback and (2) physical and vocal presence.

Benefits: Some of the benefits include:
  • The ability to create and collect personal leadership stories
  • The ability to represent another person
  • The ability to deliver a story that inspires and motivates others

Who should attend: Individuals in leadership positions where visibility is required.

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The Art and Science of Leadership - Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Program description: The Power of Presence in Leadership is a one-day program conducted in a large group setting with smaller breakout sessions for individual coaching. The workshop focuses on developing effective and dynamic leadership presence that inspires and motivates others.

Technique: Theater-based exercises and models that (1) build confidence that leads to successful interactions with senior leadership, colleagues and peers, (2) develop the skills of listening and spontaneity that allows leaders to be proactive in meeting new workplace challenges, (3) develop the communication/presentation skills essential for public speaking, interviewing and meetings, and (4) develop leadership presence, the ability to be centered and aware in moment–to–moment communication.

Benefits: Some of the benefits include:
  • Enhanced charisma and personal presence
  • A presentation style tailored to the individual's strengths
  • Clarity, warmth and impact when delivering a message
  • Increased self-confidence in platform and conversational speaking
  • Skills for telling stories rather than just relaying information
  • Techniques for practicing and improving presentations

Who should attend: MBA students, leaders, mentors, coaches, public speakers.

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The Leader as Coach

Program description: The Leader as Coach is a one-day, large-group workshop, in which participants are introduced to the theory and practice of skills required to be an effective coach.

Technique: Some of the techniques include:
  • The 10 Active Communicating skills
  • The theory and practice of the coach as a "thought partner"
  • The four communication principles that teach high-level listening skills, empathy and the art of asking curious questions
  • The Trust Equation and the skills of the Trusted Advisor/coach
  • Small-group practice with individual feedback

Benefits: Participants emerge as true leaders who can bring out the full potential of their employees.

Who should attend: Managers, leaders and individuals who must lead and foster potential in others.

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The Leader as Communicator

Program description: Using an innovative approach, this workshop uses skills from theater arts to help participants project energy, confidence and clarity with physical and vocal expressiveness. In both one-on-one and group interactions, participants master the basic building blocks of communication, including concentration, listening, awareness and presence. They learn how to apply these skills to building relationships with customers and co-workers. Class readings, lectures and discussions address specific workplace applications.

Technique: Some of the techniques include:
  • Communication building blocks using 10 theater-based Active Communicating skills
  • The four universal principles of communication for building powerful relationships
  • Theater-based exercises that enhance creativity and leadership communication

Benefits: Some of the benefits include:
  • Increased self-confidence in speaking
  • The knowledge to break down barriers and let the real communicator emerge
  • The ability to think fast and clear under pressure
  • The ability to use voice and body effectively
  • The ability to develop good listening tools and to focus on what is really important
  • Learn to be "deep and brief" and use concise language that focuses on the issues at hand
  • Learn to bring power, authenticity and passion into the workplace

Who should attend: Leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles.

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