About us
Since 1978, the Corporate Scenes ensemble has guided thousands of individuals through journeys in leadership presence and self-expression, and has enabled organizations to create communities of excellence.

The Corporate Scenes innovative approach to communication, developed by Dr. Mark Rittenberg and Penelope Kreitzer, teaches leadership training rooted in the model of theater as heightened communication. These interactive programs focus on the skills and behaviors of the actor and teach the participants to walk on the stage of everyday life with strong communication skills that project energy and confidence that inspires and motivates others. For leaders, managers and everyone in the work environment, this creates a quality of authentic presence that communicates the values of trust, credibility and integrity.

Corporate Scenes programs have transformed organizations throughout the United States, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Our facilitators draw from extensive experience in the corporate, artistic and educational arenas. We have worked in Fortune 500 companies, leading business schools, government agencies and social-action groups around the world.