Special Offerings and Customized Programs
Corporate Scenes helps clients address issues of leadership development, employee retention and motivation, teambuilding and conflict resolution. Customized training workshops are designed to meet the specific needs of the company or team.

Executive Coaching

Program description: The Executive Coaching program is a customized and collaborative process designed to help executives reach their full potential. An Executive Coach is assigned to the client, enabling them to become passionate leaders who can actualize a vision and inspire those around them.

Each participant emerges with a plan, designed to help him or her grow as an effective leader.

Executive Coaching is often recommended as part of a sustainability program for those clients involved in a culture transformation.

Workplace Studies

Program description: Corporate Scenes Workplace Studies provide a comprehensive look into an organization's culture to assess ways to increase effectiveness, achieve lasting success and improve the bottom line.

Meetings are held with Senior Management to assess the culture and discuss key challenges within the organization. Additional meetings are held on an individual basis with employees to engage in dialogue and discover the issues that impact them. We look at two areas, which processes are functioning well and to the benefit of the organization and its employees, as well as which processes need to be improved or replaced. Working with Senior Management, recommendations are reviewed and an action plan is created and implemented.

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The Women's Leadership Presence Laboratory (WLP)

The WLP helps women possess presence, inspire confidence, project authority, command respect and build credibility with their clients and co-workers.

Program description: Women in leadership roles are confronted with specific communication challenges that include the impact of their message, their degree of influence, and their presentation of self. The WLP helps women possess presence, inspire confidence, project authority, command respect and build credibility with their clients and co-workers. The program also enhances authentic presence that fosters and builds strong, lasting relationships based on earned trust.

Technique: Some of the techniques include:
  • Theater-based participatory techniques combined with role-play practice and personal coaching
  • A pre-assessment survey and interview to identify key issues and communication obstacles
  • Exercises that enforce the four principles of successful group communication
  • An in-depth session with a peer where each person focuses on listening and genuinely understanding others
  • Storytelling skills
  • Voice and physical presence work
  • Exercises that focus on making personal connections and recognizing individual communication styles
  • Skill-building around the four powers of leadership
  • Practice giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Troubleshooting real-life work situations

Benefits: Some of the benfits include:
  • Increased presence, self-confidence and credibility
  • Skills for recognizing and responding to underlying client needs
  • The ability to foster quality client relationships
  • Heightened confidence and flexibility in tough situations
  • Stronger teamwork and peer coaching skills
  • The ability to impact and influence peers, clients and superiors
  • The ability to present oneself as a powerful communicator and storyteller

Who should attend: The WLP best serves women who must build relationships and sustain connections and professional understanding with clients, peers and superiors.

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